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Global outlook, Indian values

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About us

Karuna Vidyakshetra International School (KVIS), located at picturesque Kayamkulam in Kerala, offers a broad education rooted in Indian values. It develops children’s character, inspires them to achieve a wide range of skills, and helps them discover true self-confidence.

‘Karuna’ means ‘compassion’. Often described as the love for all beings, 'Karuna' reveals itself as a mother’s love for a child. At Karuna Vidyakshetra, we believe that the right education is teaching with empathy and solicitude, knowing that social and emotional skills impact holistic development and well-being.

Our unique location, amid lush greenery, presents itself as an ideal playground for activity and as a tranquil setting for learning. No class has multiple divisions. The maximum possible student strength for each kindergarten unit is 20 and that for the primary section is 24. State-of-the-art infrastructure meets modern technology to summon a unique classroom experience. Each classroom, air-conditioned and with an area of 600 sq. ft, has been designed to be child-friendly. Surveillance cameras augment the safety of the school.

Our 1:8 teacher-student ratio yields personalized attention and caters to every child at their ability level.

Students love our programmatic and exciting curriculum— from the traditional academic subjects to the more diverse extra-curricular disciplines such as art, performing arts, sport and computer-aided design.

We see children as young folks with minds of their own, entitled to their own opinions, emotions and concerns. Our lessons and activities promote their academic, physical, social and emotional development. It can awaken joy, curiosity and a deep desire to solve problems and help others. We encourage individual learning and independent thinking. We urge students to see challenges and solutions from a range of perspectives. KVIS strives to provide a modern gurukul experience, with profound Indian values and a progressive global outlook.


To provide a healthy education that nurtures a positive outlook in students and makes each of them a confident individual with sound Indian values and a progressive global outlook. We follow well-defined objectives and guidelines to fulfill our vision. Our philosophy: act locally, think globally.


A school where children love to learn and learn to love Nature.


We want our students to be well-rounded persons as well as supremely-skilled professionals. We encourage them to be Indians first and global citizens next.

Meet Our Team


World-class Education

We offer first-class international education, a high-quality curriculum, fair assessment, and support for students. We provide superior content for learning. Our primary emphasis, however, is on the analysis of content. We focus on key concepts and encourage learners to see how different subjects interrelate. We promote intercultural understanding and global engagement. We give learners a global passport to success.

Personalized Attention

No two students are the same. Our dedicated approach elicits each student’s unique strengths.

Stress-free Academics

We work hard to make it stress-free for our students. So, no robotic schedules and punishing tests. Common-sense practices and a holistic approach ensure a happy, harmonious learning environment, less regimentation and more caring. We focus on getting the best from each of our students.

Learning Beyond Classroom

Deep down, education achieves new heights as it transcends boundaries, goes beyond textbooks and lectures, and embraces a range of other activities — extra-curricular programs, competitions, workshops and field trips.

Exceptional Educators

We have a no-compromise approach in recruiting teachers. We choose highly qualified personnel, with a proven track record in the respective disciplines and exceptional inter-personnel skills. Every teacher inspires an informed curiosity in students and leaves a lasting passion for learning.

Learning as Collaboration

By encouraging sharing of ideas, the learning voyage becomes a collaborative effort. Learning happens through strong bonds forged between the educator and the student, and peer interaction.

Holistic Vision

We strive to develop well-rounded students by helping them explore their interests and strengths. Building personal confidence goes in tune with academic achievement.

Beauty in Diversity

KVIS celebrates India’s multicultural tapestry even as it brings in global perspectives in an unparalleled school experience. This approach draws from the Upanishadic vision of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (The world is one family). The KVIS is one big, supportive, harmonious family.