Our vision is to provide value based education


Value based education to uphold the social values


Karuna Vidyakshetra International School

KVIS is located amidst natural splendour. The eco-friendly atmosphere of the school infuses great academic stipulated that there will not be multiple divisions for any class and the maximum strength of student in each standard will be 24. Every class room is  air conditioned and is of 400 sq ft in area. The classrooms and all the paraphernalia are so arranged as to provide a highly safe environment. The toilets here are extremely  hygienic. With a teacher student ratio of 1:10,every student’s curricular,extracurricular,psychological and emotional concerns are well redressed. The school offers excellent infrastructure and innovative teaching methodology incorporating the latest technology.The class rooms are  fitted with cameras to keep close watch over the kids.


Our Vision & Mission

Karuna Vidyakshetra International School (KVIS) is with the sole aim to provide a unique educational experience fulfilling the aspirations of the parents who dream big for their wards. Individual learning is encouraged in children to articulate their ideas, express their viewpoints and develop their independence.KVIS creates an ideal gurukul ambiance, conducive to a healthy education that nurtures a positive outlook in the students to emerge as a confident individual with sound Indian values and a progressive global outlook. The school follows well-defined objectives and guidelines to fulfill its Vision and Mission. Karuna Vidyakshetra family knows that children are good observers, looking, learning and trying everything eagerly and enthusiastically. So at KVIS, priority is given to create a caring and stimulating environment, providing a personalized, balanced and broad-based education for young minds. The curriculum followed during the initial stages of schooling is innovative, experimental and enlightening one, igniting the child’s intellectual curiosity.

At KVIS we also know that the most effective way to a successful person is to improve communication skills and develop a positive attitude. Communication skills, personality, and career development programmes are planned to be conducted right from the beginning. So we have to have a modern English Language Laboratory. The course content in phonetics contains gradual aural exercises in pronunciation, stress, and accent. We KVIS FAMILY promise that every child that graduates from KVIS will be ready to meet the challenges in the outside world. The students are fiercely competitive and conscious of the magnitude of the responsibilities entrusted to them.




We facilitate learning by providing visual aids and various play materials. We have an artificial waterfall for the children.The toy car and toy scooters will help them to learn traffic rules. There are 3D projectors and the brain gyms for intellectual growth. The soft music from the home theater elevates the mood and spirit of the kids. Here , the children are sure to feel the oneness of body, mind, soul and nature.The toys provided to them enhance their analytical skill. Along with broadening the horizon of knowledge of the kids, we see to it that kids expand their spectrum of creativity by experimenting with  and exploring their surroundings.


Besides academia , Karuna Vidyakshetra focuses on the other sides of the  student’s  development. They are taught how to mix and mingle in a healthy manner with peer groups and society. This is mainly achieved through group activities and field trips. The teacher will foster in them the essential soft skills like empathy, fellow feeling, leadership quality, spirit of charity and decision  making. The teachers regularly maintain record on the behaviour of the tots.


An invited team of experts  will conduct the complete mind scan of the little ones at Karuna Vidyakshetra. Some of the areas of this evaluation are temperamental condition, interpersonal relationship, learning aptitude,learning method, subject comprehension,learning receptiveness,language competence,aspiration level ,personal type,talents,attitude and aptitude. This scan enables the teachers to understand their students closer and better and simplifies the process of character moulding .

                                     OUR TEAM

At KVIS, having the best staff is one of our priorities, as we believe learning is not only done in the classroom but through keen observation of the world around us and the people in it.So our team is made up of learned professionals, role models, and motivators.


Prof.K.M Ravindranath
Latha.P Nair
Curriculum Co-ordinator
Geetha S
Chief Facilitator
Sini Santhosh
Ashwini S
Aswathy Renjith
Tincy Thomas
.Arya V.M
Surumy S Raj
Office Secretary
Shermy S Raj
IT Executive




 Parent’s speak

Anoop Ravi & Sreelakshmi Anoop, Parent of Anikalakshmi S

The main attraction of Karuna is the student-teacher ratio. Here, every student is getting individual attention. After my daughter had joined here, we realised that she is not only getting curriculum learning as a student but ethical training as an individual as well. We are proud to say that our daughter is part of the school.

Dr. Goldie Udayan & Dr. Linta Goldie, Parent of Riya Goldie

Before coming to KVIS, my daughter was not that much confident. Now  she improved a lot. So much blessed to have such a school in our locality and we are so thankful to the KVIS team in bringing out the real caliber in children.

Dr. Vivek S & Sysha Vivek, Parent of Dhanwin V

First of all we feel proud to be parents of KVIS. The ambiance of the school and the way teachers’ interaction made us feel that we all belong to a single family. More over when we took admission for our son at the age of 2.5 years, He was very shy and always homesick. But now a vast difference came to him when he entered grade 1. The school is now a part of his life. He loves to come to school and he is very happy also. The sense of our satisfaction is inexplicable and our obligation to the school is beyond measure.

T. Pratheep Kumar & Swapna Pratheep, Parent of Nakshatra P

We are associated with Karuna from its very beginning stage and also observing the growth of the institution on daily basis. My child is very happy and comfortable. The school is maintaining international standard. Staff members of the school are very cooperative. In total KVIS is a second home to my daughter.

Piyush P & Dr. Aswathy Piyush, Parent of Anjalika Piyush

Karuna Vidyakshetra is a school that gives importance to cultural values as well as academic activities. That itself is the highlight of the School. The school inculcates within children great lessons of how to face situations of various types in this highly complicated and competitive society and also how to behave to fellow beings especially to elders.

Sadath Lebba & Shajida Beegum, Parent of Eshan S Lebba

Our son is very much interested to go to Karuna school. We think it is a different home for him – a home away from home. Every day we see our son leaves home happily to school. The school gives equal importance to curricular and extracurricular activities. It is worthy to say that the school has its focus on international education rooted in traditional values.


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