Jul 2018

“The celebration of the art of light in Sintra” Here we begin with lots of colourful memories… The fancy dress was very colourful as our students really got into the flow with a variety of outfits and characters shown which they cherished and loved and had a funny bone to pick with too, Dancing was another crowd pleaser with western and freestyle being the program highlights. Flower Queen was held for classes 2 and 3, with each participant displaying an abundance of character, stage presence, attitude, walking style mixed & laced with......

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Dec 2017

Mind, Soul and body..these three are the fundamentals for a healthy life, we at KVIS, organised sports day for our students. It began with a march by the students followed by sports activities & competitions. Our students showed a never give up spirit & undying resolve to be the best at whatever event they took part in. This helped them develop a healthy competitive attitude....

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